Talk Room 1 at 11:00 Brooke Aldrich from Wild Futures

Many people mistakenly assume that it is illegal to keep a monkey as a pet in the UK. There are, however, approximately 5000 privately kept primates throughout England, Scotland and Wales today, many living in unacceptable conditions which seriously compromise their welfare.Drawing on years of working with ex-pet monkeys and lobbying the government to give these primates the protection they deserve, Brooke will present an overview of existing legislation (and how it continues to fail the animals it should be protecting). She will introduce the stories of some of the Sanctuary’s rescued individuals and will be happy to answer questions following the talk.

Talk Room 1 at 14:00 Kerry Brittain from SPEC (Stop Puppy Farming End Cruelty)

‘Dogs develop behaviour problems at any age, for all sorts of reasons.  However, some of the most distressing and difficult to deal with can start in puppyhood.  Breeding conditions have a huge influence on the future behaviour of a dog, so the cheap puppy advertised on an internet site or sold in a pet shop could cost you dearly.Kerry is a qualified animal behaviourist and will be discussing the behavioural and health effects on puppies, studs and bitches from puppy farms.

Talk Room 2 at 12:30 Alexandra Cardenas from Animal Defenders International

Based on a huge body of evidence gathered through undercover investigations and scientific research, Animal Defenders International’s Stop Circus Suffering campaign continues to gain momentum and success worldwide. Following ADI’s work in South America, Bolivia recently became the first country in the world to ban all animal acts in circuses, and similar bans are being discussed in Brazil and Colombia. Global Campaigns Manager Alexandra Cardenas will be speaking on the latest campaign developments in the UK, how we are working with groups and governments across Europe, the US and South America, and about Operation Lion Ark, the dramatic rescue and relocation of lions, monkeys and other animals from Bolivia’s circuses following the ban.