How to regain interest in sex

Women an intimate lover

Women are known to be an intimate lover, but they can fall out of love faster than men. Why? Most people believe that you shouldn’t be independent to a supplement, but that’s where most are mistaken.

The essence of a supplement like Provestra found at is to be a temporary leg for romantic relationships in jeopardy. Women are more likely to lose interest in sex than men. This is especially true when women are in a relationship for more than three months to a year.

Why? Because a woman’s sex drive is entirely different than that of a man, in fact, it’s known that women give importance to emotions than physical interactions. Meanwhile, men also have a low libido but can recover faster in the simplest methods.

3 ways to be more active in sex

Below are three ways on how to make you more active in the sex department. These are the simplest and proven ways to enhance your sex life fast and naturally.

Openness to explore

Most relationships waver due to the lack of exploration involve. This means, do not repeat the same position and activity you do before, during, and after sex. Explore new ways of making your relationship consistently burn of sexual sensation.

Time and commitment

There are cases wherein couples are too busy with their problems that they forget to pleasure ones’ partner. It may sound absurd, but a relationship lasts longer with sex because this is an intimate way for couples to relieve tension.


Before you start the actual intercourse, you and your partner should crave for the activity. How? By teasing each other on the verge of having an orgasm with no touching involved.

You can attain these three components by using Provestra, a supplement which is specifically for women who has a hard time enjoying the language of sex. Provestra contains natural ingredients that are safe for every woman of all ages.

It focuses on giving you a pleasurable time with your partner while reducing the risk of any side effects in the future. What’s so great about this is its’ effect on your sex drive, you would never think that you’re capable of having more energy in sex!